Selena Gomez stars in the upcoming film 'Behaving Badly,' which is what her against-type 'Spring Breakers' character did.

Is Sel playing another role where she'll be doing more of the same, breaking the rules and thus further alienating her young fanbase? Her co-star Nat Wolff, whose character has a major crush on Sel in the film, spilled some details about their roles. It's not what you think, either.

"'Behaving Badly' is about a kid who wants to get with the most beautiful girl at his school, played by Selena, and basically goes through the most messed-up, convoluted process to getting her," Wolff revealed. "And it's this wild, dark comedy involving mafia and strippers and dead people... but it's all funny."

Mafia? Strippers? The dead? How can it be anything BUT hilar?

Wolff's character is the one who behaves badly, revealing that Sel's character is "probably the most innocent of everybody. Her character was a little worse in 'Spring Breakers.' But in 'Behaving Badly,' she plays a little bit more of the innocent girl. She's sort of religious, and I'm the one making a lot of the mistakes. But, she's around a lot of racy behavior."

So Sel's character is guilty by association.

Wolff also offered his opinion on Sel's raunchier film roles as of late, saying, "Now, she did 'Spring Breakers' and this movie, 'Behaving Badly,' which is ruining her young-fan reputation, but I think she's making really great choices."

Somehow we think parents of Selena Gomez fans might not agree. We wonder what Brad Pitt thinks...

Watch Nat Wolff Talk Selena Gomez's Role in 'Behaving Badly'