There are many blockbusters scheduled to come out this summer, but one Sci-Fi/Thriller managed to float under the radar. Selfless (stylized Self/less), which stars Ryan Reynolds and Sir Ben Kingsley, is a tale of what happens when man tries to play God. This three minute trailer has moved this movie into my top must see (at least non-Marvel-based) movie of the year. The trailer gives you just enough suspense to want more. It operates under the basis of a very wealthy man dying of cancer, being shown a way to extend his life by transferring his conscious into an empty vessel.

Although the story line is no where near the same, it reminds me of Predestination, which starred Ethan Hawke. It gives you elements of Sci-Fi that are just beyond reach in this day and age, but still managing to come from sound logic, vice the sometimes over-the-top things you see in Star Wars and/or Star Trek. It's what I like to call "Thinking Man's Sci-Fi". Regardless, July 10th, 2015 isn't that far away, so I'll patiently await the theatrical release of Selfless.