As an avid comic book collector, the fact that yet another archaic holiday slipped by me, in this case at least, was a shocker. I've been a serious comic book collector since roughly around age 15. My collection at one point was valued at upwards of $25,000. Having lost the majority of my initial collection during a storage unit snafu, thanks to the internet and eBay, I've managed to rebuild it to most of it's original glory... and then some!

Having 2 pre-teen boys is also a joy and a blessing because I now have heirs in which not only to pass on my invaluable collection, but my endless amounts of useless comic book related knowledge.

Cosplay-er and child, Getty Images

Moreover on this is most auspicious of days, take time to turn off the television, step away from the smartphone, put down the tablet and pick up a comic book. Spend a good half hour enjoying the wonders and imagery that comes from a good comic book with a child. Won't your little ones be surprised at the tales of Iron Man, Spiderman, Superman, Batman and the lot that you grew up to, before they had major motion pictures, cartoons and most definitely video games.

DJ Nyke & hs comic book-based video game: Deadpool
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