The third annual Casper Comic Con is coming up at the Ford Wyoming Center on Saturday and Sunday, June 26th and 27th, but here are a few tips and tricks to get you ready to enjoy it in style.

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  1. Plan Out Your Outfits: whether you plan to enter the cosplay contest or not, this is still the perfect time to show off your inner nerd. If you have an awesome costume, this is definitely the time to bring it out. If dress up is not your thing, it's still a safe bet you have favorite comic book themed t-shirts, pens and hats. You have two days to let your nerd flag fly. Plan ahead!
  2. Make a Money Plan: if you're like me, there's always that one item you're looking for (for me it, it's a copy of The New Mutants #98, the first appearance of Deadpool). There's always a lot of cool stuff at comic book conversations, but it's always best to have plan; a financial plan. Know your limits and make sure you have a set amount that you can safely spend without putting yourself in debt. Again, it's easy to go crazy, especially if you're a mega-fan at events like this.
  3. Make a List: this is pretty much like an extension of #2. It comes in handy to make a list of those special items (especially the higher dollar items) that your looking for. Yes, it's totally okay to get things that aren't on your list, but it's like going grocery shopping, it's always better to be prepared before you get there.
  4.  Bring Out the Family & Friends: this is a family friendly event. Yes, it's a comic con, but there are other things, like toys, video games, anime, collectibles and more. It's an awesome way to bond with the kiddos and to find kindred spirits.
  5. Have Fun: this is the most important thing on the list. Whether you're just browsing, looking to shop, sale, trade or any combination of those things, make sure to enjoy yourself. After all, this is the type of event that can makes dreams reality, for literally all ages.


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