Since first moving to Wyoming in late 2020, Casper's favorite celebrity transplant, Jeffree Star, has been about his business.

As of last week, his Star Yak Ranch brand teased that they will be selling yak meat soon. Their official Facebook shared the news last Friday (May 27th, 2022), stating:

Our delicious grass fed #Yak meat will be available on our online store soon, hoping for next month!
Yak meat facts: Super high in protein, zinc and B vitamins. Being 90% fat free, Yak is a healthy red meat alternative and has more dense nutritional content than skinless chicken, salmon and beef. Yak is tender and slightly sweeter than bison.

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I got a chance to try out the yak jerky and as a self-proclaimed jerky connoisseur, I have to admit, it is pretty tasty.

While most of the local reviews of the meat (whether the ground yak or the yak steaks), have been positive, a big question among the masses was: "where is the meat coming from?". Both the official Star Yak Ranch Facebook and Instagram pages often post photos of Jeffree and friends with the animals. A recent post on their Facebook page cleared up the confusion. It stated:

Our gorgeous girls Abracadabra, Las Vegas & Alakazam are halter trained and such sweet girls When you handle them at a young age, they get desensitized and are easy to work with as they get older, you can lead them on a halter in and out of trailers for travel (like Tractor Supply or the vet) and brush their fiber out/trim hooves right in the pasture.
And because of so much recent interest in our business ventures, all of our #yaks with names are our family and pets, the internet is full of funny stories and conspiracies but our meat herd is separate from our pet and breeding pastures ❤️ We don’t spend months training yaks and then make them food. Our food doesn’t have a name Farming and being out in Wyoming surrounded by #yaks is truly heaven on earth.

If Star Yak Ranch's timeline is accurate, by the end of June (or early July), the yak meat will be available to all via their website.

Let the countdown begin.

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