Corbet's Couloir is widely considered to be the most challenging ski run in Wyoming. In fact, many experts regard it as the scariest slope in entire country.

The narrow pass, which is surrounded by rock walls on three sides and begins with a ten foot free fall, was named after famed Jackson Hole Resort Ski Instructor Barry Corbet, who discovered the run in the 60s and famously remarked "Someday, someone will ski that."

After Lonnie Bell became the first to counquer the couloir in 1967, it has since attracted thousands of expert skiers from all over the world.

The nearby S+S Couloir features a 20 foot drop and is so dangerous, visitors are required to obtain permission to ride it from the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol due to safety concerns.

What's it like to take on the scariest slope in the country? Check out this insane Go-Pro video.