With these three simple tips, you can confidently go into this final stretch of the Christmas season.

I'm not outright saying that I'll focus on my fitness in the new year, but if the things I've been eating lately could talk. I recently posted this on Instagram. The struggle is real. It's hard to stay away from those sweets and those foods that warm your soul this time of year. The best way I know how to stay on track during this time is to keep those things out of my house.

Otherwise there's nothing stopping me.

However, there are other simple things to be done during these holiday get-togethers to help you avoid the holiday weight gain, which is about six pounds on average. Nutritionist and health writer Jessica Sepel recently gave ABC News three simple tips to keep from overindulging and consuming too many calories this Christmas. I've taken her tips and put them in a simple ABC fashion to help you remember.

(A)lways practice moderation: Don't deprive yourself of the flavors of the holidays, but have a little taste.

(B)e sure to eat before a gathering: Never arrive to a holiday party hungry. Eat a little bit of something healthy beforehand.

(C)ut down on the booze: Many people don't realize how many calories are in their beverages. Those are typically where a lot of the sugar and calories are consumed.

God speed, my friends.

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