Would you stand in line for DAYS just to purchase a new smart phone? How about weeks? Apple has hit the jackpot with it's new iPhone 5s, selling an estimated 9 million in the first three days it was available... outselling the new iPhone 5c at a rate of three to one... The phones just became available this past Friday. (9/20/13)

Granted, I think I could totally rock a gold iPhone 5s, but I'm not willing to stand in line for two weeks plus to get one. After lots of leaks, rumor and innuendo, it'll be interesting to see what the true reaction is to the first crop of iPhone 5s models. Word has it that a German company has already hacked the finger print scanner and that both the 5s and 5c are more prone to breaking when dropped.

So, with all of the cool colors and the new things it can do, would you wait in line for the new iPhone 5c or 5s? Or, like me, will you trudge along feeling inadequate with your perfectly adequate iPhone 5?