Have you ever dreamed of owning a flying car? C'mon... we all have. Well that dream may soon be a reality. Enter AreoMobile 3.0!

The good people over at AeroMobil have not only made all of our dreams come true, but they've managed to do it with style! The AeroMobil 3.0 is not only real, but it's a thing of beauty!  Some of the specs of the transforming car-to-plane really blew me out of the sky (figuratively speaking).

Not only does the AeroMobil seat two, but it boast a top speed of approximately 125 mph, it can fit into any conventional parking space and it's fueled by regular gasoline! Now you will have to obtain a pilots license to operate the vehicle, but even that seems only logical.

There is also no official price tag yet, but the company's CEO and co-founder has stated before:

The final price will fall somewhere in between the price of a supercar and a small plane.

Well there you have it folks. You may not be owning one anytime in the near future, but here's to hoping even possibly being able to rent one. Forget a Lamboghini... image taking a date up in one of these!!! Can you say winning?