There are all kinds of things you never knew you needed for your man-cave. This should definitely make that list. Introducing an interactive beer pong table!

This awesome lighted masterpiece is the brainchild of Jeff Nybo. His Kickstarter campaign received more than $76,000 and he has already started taking pre-orders. These visually stunning beer pong tables are equipped with:

  • LED Grid
  • 20x RGB Pods w/ Infrared Sensors
  • Air Baths (because who really wants to drink beer where dirty balls have landed?)
  • LED Rings
  • VU Meter
  • Micro-SD Card
  • 16×2 LCD Display

Jeff's tables start at around $400, but depending on the model, can be as expensive at $2000. I must admit, if I had an extra two grand lying around, I would love to have one... jst for bragging rights!