Depending on where you reside and what your personal tastes are, a lot of different valid arguments can be made about what the most fun activities are to do in Wyoming.

A map chart created by Matt Surelee Charts has recently gone viral. This particular graphic highlights each of the fifty states and what they are known for the most as far as vacationing.

While the map is semi-comical in nature, it appears to be pretty spot on for most of the states.

Some of the things individual states are known for as far as vacationing include:

  • Where you go if you're rich
  • Where you go if you're poor
  • Where you go to sin
  • Where you go to see a city
  • Where you go on the way to somewhere better

Some of those are obvious, but for the great state of Wyoming, we were listed as "where you go to see nature".

Considering we have the country's first national park (Yellowstone) and also the country's first national monument (Devils Tower), the map seems to be pretty accurate... at least for us.

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Surelee's map has already been shared nearly 50,000 times in less than week and has amassed over 13,100 comments, and that's on Facebook alone. He tends to share his works on Instagram and Twitter as well.

There are quite literally a plethora of things to do while vacationing in Wonderful Wyoming (hunting, skiing, camping, eating, rodeos, etc.), but it's pretty hard to argue that appreciating the outdoors really is not one of the top things, so we'll call this a win for the internet.

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