With the story of the man in Yellowstone who put the bison in his car, we wanted to know where do you draw the line in regards to rescuing wild animals. We found this video on YouTube and asked you if this was an OK thing to do. People unanimously agreed that this guy did the right thing in saving the fawn.

Everyone who took our poll said they would try to save this fawn. How they would do it did vary however. 90% of the voters said they would rescue the fawn. 5.65% said they would call Game and Fish or Animal Control. One voter said they did not know what they would do. The other 4% left comments on how they would save the fawn like cut the fence and not touch the animal. There was not a singe voter that said they would have left the fawn alone.

Here are some of the things people said on Facebook:


Way to go guys!!!!! You did what any of us animal lovers with a heart would do!!!

Most people would do the humane thing. I once took an antelope out of the fence, it was scary but the right thing to do.

If an animal is entrapped in civilization's inventions, like a fence or cattle guard....yes free them. But stop there once its free, leave. Otherwise we need to yell at all the oil spill workers that save birds, or cut six-pack holders off ducks, or nets off the tail of humpback whales....same concept. Just relieve the creature of whatever man-made contraption has entrapped creature, then be on your way.

Get it out of the fence and leave it be. I have done the same for deer and antelope on my place. A fence is not a predator and those that are predators on my place often meet and swift end.

I would a million times over! But game and fish told us No. That we can not touch them at all. And we could get fined just for touching them. And that we are suppose to leave it to Mother Nature.

I think helping it was good but a better option would be to call animal control. They are the professionals and could offer guidance.

This is not nature running it's course, this is nature stuck in a man-made contraption placed within nature. I have done it in the past and I will do in t in the future if I see need be.