If you're cruising through Yellowstone National Park, you never know what might cross your path. One family's vacation drive was interrupted when the road was suddenly covered by a wolf pack.

Kudos to my good buddies at Cowboy State Daily for finding this first. According to their story, this is Kristie Campbell and her family from Pittsburgh and was in our state to see the glories of Yellowstone. This ended up being their welcome wagon.

I'm pretty sure this encounter was with the Junction Butte Wolf Pack that has been spotted in the park a lot this year. According to Yellowstone Wolf, this is by far the largest wolf pack in the park. This handful of wolves isn't even close to being the full pack, but you have to figure the rest of the Junction Butte wolves were probably nearby. There are so many new pups being reported in this pack, most of them don't appear to have tags for tracking yet.

I would argue there is no wilder place in America than Yellowstone. Seeing a majestic wolf pack like this is truly something that's pretty normal and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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