You never know what you'll find along the trail when you go hiking. One girl and her dog were enjoying their outdoor time when they saw something small on the trail ahead of them. It was a tiny harmless-looking bobcat kitten.

I saw this tiny bobcat moment trending on Digg. This find while hiking led to a dilemma. The bobcat kitten is tiny and helpless, but do you pick it up or leave it? Decision, decisions. She picked up the cat which can also be an iffy proposition. Touching wildlife can sometimes create issues that endanger the animal's ability to survive.

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Watch what happened when this girl and her dog had to make a quick decision on how to handle the baby bobcat encounter. There's no mention of what trail she was hiking or where she was at when she found this young one.

Many of the comments on YouTube mirrored my own thoughts. Where is the bobcat mom? One person mentioned that it's best to leave the kitten on the side of the path since a bobcat mama is likely to come back for this young one. Spoiler Alert: you wouldn't want to be anywhere near this kitten if mom came back.

I think one of the comments on the video was from the hiking girl. Here's what she shared:

I literally was like “awwww so cute! ... but wait ... where’s the mother? 👀💧

She didn't reveal if she left the bobcat kitten on the trail or not. The best plan is to normally just let nature take care of itself. You never know when a baby bobcat like this will be reunited with a much more dangerous mother who probably wouldn't appreciate your good intentions.

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