It's dangerous to be near bison even if you're on your favorite bike. New video shows a Wyoming bison take a dislike to a rider so he charges and knocks him off of his Harley Davidson.

This happened earlier this year and was shared on YouTube by Harley Davidson People. I also saw it shared this week by Distinctly Montana, too.

The bison vs biker moment happens at around the 1:11 mark. Fortunately it doesn't appear there were any serious injuries. You can see the rider anticipate the bison contact as they exit the bike opposite where the bison is. Probably a good idea that maybe saved them some serious broken bones.

Earlier this year we shared the story of bikers who were intentionally harassing bison in Yellowstone. In this case, it doesn't appear the bikers were doing anything wrong, but many did get a lot closer to the bison than most park officials would like to see.

This video is another object lesson on how wildlife vs people encounters can go wrong really fast. If a bison that typically can weigh around 1,600 pounds charges you successfully, you won't often be around to describe what happened later.

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