"Watch out buddy. You wanna fight? You wanna go bud?"

The driver actually rolled down his window and said that out loud.

Don't say that to an elk...

He might just take you up on it.

If it's an elk that knows what he's doing he'll do the most annoying thing possible.

He will POP your tire in the middle of winter.

You have GOT to see this video below.

It's like the elk knew exactly what he was doing.

A tilt of the head. A poke of the antler. PPSSSSSSSSssssss goes the tire.

Usually, we have to worry about elk during rut. They become very aggressive when they are looking for mates.

But rutting season is over.

I think this elk just doesn't like being taunted.

A video of the incident was originally shared on Instagram by @TouronsOfYellowstone. But the driver and his wife are actually taking a snowy drive through colorado.

The tourist even winds down his car window to record the elk more easily, despite the animal showing signs of agitation.

A few seconds later, it charges the car, noisily puncturing the front left tire.

DO NOT TAUNT when someone looks annoyed. Be that someone a human or an animal.

You're asking for an ass-kicking if you do.

Or a flat tire.

Just back off when the big fellow looks like he's up for a fight.

In this case, I have to hand it to the elk. Many others have RAMMED vehicles with their horns.

But this guy seemed to know that one good poke with a sharp antler would do the trick.

Now the human has to get out there in the cold, which humans don't like, and change a tire.

I bet the elk remembers that trick if he is ever confronted again.

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