There are different levels to being a hoarder, but the owner of this Scion may have the award as the worst hoarder ever.

A video was posted earlier today (Friday, January 28th, 2022), that shows a vehicle completely full of junk and trash. The compact car was dropped off at a Casper shop to to have a window repaired.

Full disclosure, I've seen some pretty bad vehicles in my day, especially in Wyoming, where hunters, skiers and other outdoor sportsmen (and women), keep their equipment in their cars, trucks and SUVs, but this is definitely the worse I've ever scene.

As the video doesn't show the plate, I can't be sure if it's a local resident or not. I'll also keep some level of judgement to myself, because you never know someone's life. For all we know, this person could be living out of the vehicle.

That being said, I don't think I could take it anywhere for repairs looking like that.

The short, 15-second video was posted to Rumble along with a caption that read:

Occurred on January 2022 / Casper, Wyoming, USA

A lady came to get her window glass fixed and this is what I found.

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