There have been many remixes and dance videos since Usher first released his hit single "Yeah!" which also features Lil Jon and Ludacris back in 2004, but this maybe the most original.

The video (below) shows a couple of masked cowboys using a gate to make the iconic horn sounds from the song, right before the actual music kicks in and the duo jump into a wild dance routine.

It's both comical and awesome. The fact that they made such a cool video in a mere ten seconds is a testament to their collective genius. The video has already amassed over 7 million views since it was initially posted on September 18, 2019 via the official Get Ranchy Facebook page, which is dedicated to all things cowboy.

While I cannot confirm nor deny that the footage was taken in Wyoming, it most definitely has a Wyoming-esque feel to it. Regardless, it's impossible to only watch once.


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