I have to confess that I take being an American for granted all to often. A new video is a reminder of how special the moment can be when you officially can claim the stars and stripes as your very own.

It's easy to forget considering all the controversy about illegal immigration that people still come here LEGALLY. That's the case for this student who is originally from Venezuela who just learned that after a year-long wait, she is now an American for real. Her name is Helena Palis.

Here's some backstory from the video description about this moment:

After waiting almost a year, this student was overcome with emotion when her American citizenship was finally complete. University student Helena Palis, 18, filmed herself opening the letter on February 13, at her home...

Apparently she recorded the phone video when she realized her letter had come in the mail so she could share with her family back in Venezuela. I appreciate the fact that Helena took the time to do this to show that there are still people who take the time to legally go through the process.

I wish I could tell more stories like Helena's to bring people back to the realization that it's still a great thing to want to be an American and those that abide by the law of how you become an American citizen should be honored.

Wyoming has consistently been ranked as the most patriotic state in America. So we say welcome, Helena. It's good to have you where we bleed red, white and blue.

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