Whether you're already retired, getting close to retirement or have family members in that age range, the Cowboy State overall is great place to be, but if you're looking for your best options, I have just the thing to help you out.

YouTube channel, Travel City, put together an interesting list of the "10 Best Places to Retire in Wyoming" for the end of 2021.

Along with a very detailed, just under 9-minute video, Travel City included a caption that read:

Wyoming, with its big open skies, rivers, lakes, and mountains, is a dream retirement spot for those who love the tranquility and the peace of the outdoors.

This Cowboy State, attracts outdoors-oriented people very much.

If your dream retirement involves small-town living and wide-open spaces, then you may be very interested in Wyoming.

There are actually quite some cool places to retire in Wyoming.

Retirees tired of the big city ready for a slower pace and a quieter lifestyle where they can enjoy nature will surely love Wyoming.

If you didn’t give Wyoming a thought before as a retirement place then there might be some places waiting with the exact features you are wanting in your retirement place!

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Just in case you are like most Americans that don't have the patience to watch a YouTube video that's over three and half minutes, here is the complete list of the ten best places to retire in Wyoming:

  1. Worland
  2. Kemmerer
  3. Laramie
  4. Sheridan
  5. Green River
  6. Casper
  7. Rock Springs
  8. Gillette
  9. Cheyenne
  10. Cody

We can all agree that this is actually a pretty good list, even if I would personally rearrange the order a little. Do you think any Wyoming towns were omitted that should have made the list? Fee free to shoot me a message using the 104.7 Kiss FM app.

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