This is why you hike with friends and always stay bear aware. A new video shows two hikers who were climbing a peak in Yellowstone National Park get charged by a huge bear.

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If you've spent any time in the Wyoming backcountry, you know it's important to not be silent. Otherwise, you stand the chance of surprising a bear and that's the last thing you want to do.

YouTuber Park Junkie was climbing First People's Peak (formerly  Doane Mountain) in Yellowstone when they accidentally surprised a huge mama bear with cubs. It led to a close call of the grizzly kind that fortunately ended well for the hikers and the bears.

These guys did the best they could do. When they realized they were near the grizzly, they grabbed the bear spray and made their presence known to the bear so as not to surprise her again. The sow bluff charged them which is not surprising considering she had 3 young cubs at her side.

The hikers continually backed away from the grizzly without turning their backs and thankfully the bear realized they weren't a threat and retreated.

As they mentioned in their video, First People's Peak isn't one where many tourists venture which means these bears may not have seen many other humans. Bears are curious creatures which made this encounter all the more dangerous.

All's well that ends well and these hikers now have quite a story to tell about their climb up a Yellowstone peak.

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