For some strange reason, the live stream of Jackson Hole's Town Square Traffic Camera always has people watching it. As in literally always! In its heyday, there were a good 25,000 - 50,000 people watching it at even given moment. Now the number has dwindled down to the lower hundreds, but again, it always has viewers.

Maybe that's why a Russian YouTuber captured some footage of a man walking by the intersection and falling down, not once, but twice, and unfortunately, taking a good Samaritan with him.

On the video above, you can make out the the gentleman falling, twice, and someone that appears to be a woman, assisting him.

While the video states the footage is from January 11th, 2018, it also alludes to the fact that the gentlemen is drunk. That may not necessarily be the case, considering moments after the second fall, Jackson police roll right by the pedestrians, without either offering assistance or arresting anyone. In his defense, roads in Wyoming can be extremely slick in after a fresh snow or a particularly cold evening.

No matter the case, it is one of the funniest 1:16 seconds of video on the internet!

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