After this week, I think water might be more insidious than life giving. Just a few weeks ago I comforted my mother after she forked over a wad of cash to have her plumbing fixed. After all, no one died, right? Shortly after we had a pipe to our septic system break. No biggie, right? It's fixed and we moved on down the road.

Since then, my mother had a pipe burst in the home she still owns in Ohio (she's been trying to sell it, anyone interested?) That bill has come up to a whopping $18K. That hurts. Again, I consoled her and told her atleast we had our health.

So why did my friggin' roof spring a leak last night? A leak, as in we had to put a bucket in our front living room! I guess when it rains, it pours... Literally! Ah well, no one died, right?

As I write this, my husband is fixing yet another plumbing issue at my mother's house. Yippee! Either way, I'm determined to stay positive in light of all of our water fails! I hope you enjoy!