Some arguments are so weak that they just end up being hilarious.

Honestly, telling someone that their state is awful, is like telling someone that their baby is ugly. You just don't do it. Only those who reside in Wyoming can talk poorly about the Cowboy State. Not that we would ever want to, but you get my point.

I found this video on YouTube and I just found myself laughing. The "Top 10 Reasons Why Wyoming is the Worst State." I clicked on it with my chest puffed out, ready to start a fight. Luckily I didn't need to.

Let's take a look at these for a second.

10. All you see while on the road is cattle and elk

Clearly they've never eaten meat and can't appreciate that wide open spaces are great places for your food to roam and grow strong before providing you with nourishment.

9. It doesn't have many parks

Are we looking for concrete jungles that you would find in a city like New York? Because we have several parks in the Cowboy State.

8. It didn't have many celebrities born there

You got us. Apparently we are only as great as the famous people who hail from here.

7. It is the least populated

We're very selective on who gets to live here.

6. It has weird people

Because we work hard with our bare hands? Shame on us.

5. It has bad roads

Doesn't every state to some extent?

4. Bad weather

Ok, last week was pretty bad, but who doesn't love actual seasons?

3. Very small cities

We're simple and only need the necessities to get by.

2. It's just boring plains and not much there

Gosh, nature is so boring. There are wild animals, changes in scenery, and a sun that rises over mountains instead of skyscrapers.

1. The people there are mostly cowboys

Jealous much?

These arguments are the equivalent of what you get when you ask a kid why they don't like brussel sprouts. They're green and tastes slimey and it's not chocolate. It's even more funny that this person asks people to follow them on social media at the end of the video.

I'm willing to admit that Wyoming is an acquired taste. If you don't like us, then acquire some taste!

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