For some jokes and most things on the internet, it's normally good practice to have tough skin, even more so when you live in certain states. Unfortunately for us, Wyoming is one of maybe five states that's often the butt of jokes.

While the majority of said jokes usually consist of "Wyoming not being real" or something along the lines of "we all still ride horses everywhere" and "we don't have running water or toilets" or something equally ridiculous. It's also worth noting that there are some crazies out there that actually believe that stuff.

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In my daily internet searching, I cam across an article on Lifestyle AZ2 titled "Each State Perfectly Portrayed By One Photograph". Since the post actually went in on every single state in the union, it made it funny. Hey... as long as the Cowboy State isn't the only one being picked on, I'm all for it.

The article went alphabetically, so naturally it took forever to get to us, but it was actually kind of worth it, if nothing more than to giggle at the other states and agree at their misfortune. I say that, because none of these photos are flattering, but some are way worse than others (West Virginia, Utah and Florida really got it bad).

In case your fingers got tired of scrolling (you can also click here to skip right to Wyoming), I'll do you a solid and tell you what the post had to say about us:

In Wyoming, other commuters are the least of your worries when trying to get to work. Instead, you got to make way for a lot of buffalo.

Check out their biggest traffic jam of the century.

This of course was added to a photo of a herd of bison halting traffic. Someone should explain to them the difference between bison and buffalo though.

Not a bad jab. I've definitely heard and seen worse. It got a quick "lol", more for its accuracy than anything. It is worth noting that we did have some pretty horrendous traffic jams during the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.

Wyoming Spring Fever

Enough of Winter. We want to see some spring.

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