So today was day one of my training for my personal 'couch to 5k' challenge and I was pretty proud of myself. I got up in plenty of time to get ready for work and hit the front door, shoes on by 6am. Apparently, my alternating walking and running was intriguing for the horses (we live on a horse farm) As I struggled along,  I imagined they were my fans cheering me on and supporting me like people do at a marathons. You know, the people lining the streets just waiting to catch a glance of their favorite runner, ready to shout encouragement? Yep, in my head, it was just like that.

In actuality, they were probably bored and wanted to witness my pathetic display so they could laugh around their hay piles later. Either way, I decided to catch some video of all five of my overgrown ponies as they hung their heads over the rail begging for kisses... or cookies... but I guess I was having a harder time than I thought I was, because this is the video I ended up with and it's nowhere near what I intended. Imagine my surprise as I watched it later... Promise not to laugh too hard at me!

Ah heck, laugh all you want! I didn't know I had over a mile in me! Whoop! Whoop!