A few weeks ago we posted about The Wyoming 3-A Lander High School football team after the Tigers almost snapped their 19 game losing streak.

Unfortunately, they fell just short, to Worland 14-12. Ensuing weeks saw only uglier losses to Jackson, and to Douglas Friday night 48-6. Next stop Buffalo, WY. We’ll see if the total magic streak number can stop before 22.

Poor kids, if you feel as bad for them as we do, you may want to order one of their Lander Valley High School Football tee shirts. You can do that here.

t’s now been three years since the last time Lander won a varsity football game.

“Two, Four, Six, Eight. Win before we grad-u-ate!”

Jokes aside, at one time, Lander was a Wyoming high school football powerhouse. Of course that was nearly 70 years ago. The last time the Tigers hoisted a state football title trophy was 1948.

They have, however, won 23 Wyoming boys swimming titles, just since 1992.

This year, they’re just hoping to break the streak. And now, our poll results on when that may happen.


When will Lander’s misery end?

In 22 games … 28.57 Percent

Never … 26.19 Percent

In the next game … 16.6 Percent 

In 24 games … 11.9 Percent 

In 26   games … 7.14 Percent

Other:  9.52 Percent  (Those comments were mostly like this one: “They just suck lol”)

Thank you for voting!