I'm assuming they didn't consult the cleanup crew before implementing this.

We all want to be remembered in history, don't we? Somehow, someway we want to be immortalized. Even if it's just being a part of a record-breaking moment, especially one as fun (and messy) as this. I can see the flyer now... "Be a part of history! We're breaking a record at tonight's game. Silly string will be provided."

I'd show up. Wouldn't you?

At a recent minor league baseball game for the RiverDogs of Charleston, South Carolina, nearly 5,000 people took part in the largest Silly String fight. The staff at Joseph P. Riley Jr. Park handed out 4,025 canisters of Silly String on Saturday and during the seventh inning stretch, it was on.

And people went all in!

The park looked like a spider web at the end of it. I would hate to be a part of the cleanup crew following this. Watch below:

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