Hunting season is fully upon us here in Wyoming.

It's not uncommon to see trucks pulling trailers with four-wheelers headed towards the high country.

Many hunters believe that the best hunting can only be found on foot, or by using pack strings of horses and mules.

This kind of access allows hunters to get away from the crowds and into the backwoods where fewer people hunt, and where usually hopefully larger bucks and bulls hide.

When I came across this video of a Utah hunter taking a pack string of Llamas into the Wyoming hills I immediately had to learn more about this, take a look at how this guide uses Llamas to make his hunting trips go smoother.

Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt With Llamas

I feel like maybe I should have warned you about the Deer pictures at the sorry if that grossed you out.

Even though they did a great job in the video of discussing the pros of using a Llama pack string for hunting a did a bit more digging.

You can learn more by following this link but, here are some common reasons some guides prefer to use Llamas.

  • You can stay longer in the mountains if you have Llamas that can carry in supplies.
  • You can go further into the backcountry when you have a Llama that can carry your gear for you, you'll have more energy to hike and cover the long distances.
  • They can handle the high altitude and ice and snow.
  • They can go 3-4 days without water.

Want to watch the entire video of this unique Wyoming hunt?

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