It's not like this doesn't happen in Wyoming practically all the time. It's nature after all. But, it's not often you get to witness a grizzly take down an elk right next to the road as one Wyoming driver witnessed.

They didn't provide the exact location, but the driver mentioned this happened here in Wyoming. A grizzly had caught an elk and was not about to let him flee. WARNING: this is relatively graphic.

Here's how the driver described this very bear moment:

Grizzly bear viciously attacks and attempts to bleed out the elk. This footage was caught on the side of the road in Wyoming. Scary!!

It's the natural food chain being displayed before our very eyes. According to the date stamp on the video, this encounter was recorded in early August. We're nearing the time when bears will begin hibernation and this is the time when they're filling up on any and all food supplies to prepare for that dormant period.

National Geographic shared an interesting article last year about all the things that grizzly eat. Elk is high on the list, but they also mention that these big predators also eat a large amount of moths. Go figure.

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