Cheyenne based game developer PJ Chavez has done it again. His latest creation, Cards of War is now live on Google Play and best of all, the download is free!

Here's a short summary of the game via Google Play:

Cards of War is a free to play collectible card game that is both strategic & fast paced. Collect cards, build a deck, and battle to become a card legend!

  • Summon creatures & cast magic spells each with unique abilities and satisfying fantasy art!
  • Collect rare cards and open booster packs to grow your card collection!
  • Play through the story mode, level up and challegne other players decks to battle!
  • Build a deck using strategy and mechanics to overcome your opponents!

Fast paced card combat combined with deep strategy and tactics create quick but challenging battles. Every choice you make will have a consequence, experience the magic of Cards of War today!

Last year PJ released a fun-filled RPG titled College Days: Summer Break, via his company: Genetix Studios.

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