In my opinion, the state is filled with a bunch of Scrooges.

My husband came home to find me listening to Christmas music while cleaning the house earlier this week. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm dipping my toes in, but he was perplexed. I know I'm not alone in cranking up the holiday jams. In fact, I did some "research" on Instagram at the beginning of the month and actually discovered that I'm a tad behind with my playlist.


That being said, my poll does not reflect what the state feels. According to geo-tagged tweets, Wyoming is not jumping on Santa's bandwagon. Our state is one of the least likely states to be playing Christmas music right now. The states who are most likely into "Jingle Bells" right now are Tennessee (1), Michigan (2), and Indiana (3). Of course, I would argue that just because people aren't tweeting about it, doesn't mean they aren't listening.

Am I right? Have you jumped on the holly jolly train? If not, when do you think it's appropriate to listen to Christmas music?

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