It would appear that we could do a little better when it comes to contributing.

What is our nation's economy, but the combined success or failures of our individual states? We all have our own ways of contributing to the success of our nation through our resources and wealth. Some states fare better than others, but this also varies from year to year.

According to WalletHub, California had a booming 2016 and actually became the sixth largest economy in the world. On the other side of that coin (pun intended), Illinois seems to be struggling with debt. The financial site posted their list of the best and worst state economies in the U.S. taking into account metrics like startup activity, high-tech industry jobs, and growth.

Let's just say that Wyoming could stand a little work.

While Washington came out on top of their list, making them the top state with the best economy, Wyoming struggled. Although we weren't dead last (that spot went to West Virginia) we landed at number 43 on this list. It's not pretty, but this is something that can be changed, so let's pull on our boots and get to work.

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