If you feel like your entire paycheck is going directly to your energy bills, you're probably right.

The thermostat in my home is a constant battle between my husband and I. He likes it colder than Alaska, while I prefer more of springtime in Vermont. Of course, I've never been to Vermont, but it sounds like it would be lovely in spring. Part of it for me is also the fear of receiving an electric bill that is through the roof.

Living in Wyoming could add some truth to that.

According to WalletHub, Wyoming is one of the most energy-expensive states across the country. This goes beyond just electricity. They looked at monthly expenses for electricity, natural gas, motor fuel, and home heating costs. Wyoming actually averaged a monthly cost of $320, which is not to far from the most expensive state, Connecticut, with $380.

While Wyoming came in at number five on the list, Alaska, Rhode Island and Massachusetts ranked number two, three and four respectively.

When you break down the numbers, the Cowboy State is the most expensive state when it comes to "Fuel Cost" specifically. We average $172 a month. Now although expensive, Wyoming's numbers are not astronomical compared to the cheapest energy state which is the District of Columbia (does this even count as a state?). Their monthly costs are $219.

Of course, I'd rather save $100 a month on expenses, wouldn't you?

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