While many of us are generally happy in our day to day lives, Wyoming as a whole ranked very poorly on a new study for the happiest places in the country.

A recent study conducted by personal finance website, WalletHub, lists the 2021 Happiest Cities in America, and the Cowboy State ranked low for both of our major cities. Cheyenne ranked at 78th overall, While Casper ranked even lower, coming in at 96th position.

Source: WalletHub
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What attributed to both Wyoming cities landing so low? Out of the 186 cities that were ranked, Casper and Cheyenne were in a 6-way tie for the highest suicide rate per capita, along with Rapid City, SD, Colorado Springs, CO, Juneau, AK, and Billings, MT.

To further hurt our rankings, Casper ranked 178th for most work hours, with Cheyenne coming in even lower at 182nd for the same metric.

Considering how many cities were ranked, landing in the middle wouldn't normally be that bad, but landing so high on the suicide rate is not a good thing. It's also worth noting, that both cities ranked very low for community & environment as well. It appears that Cowboy-Up mentally that were none so much for isn't always a positive attribute.

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