Now, I know there are a lot of nice ranches around Wyoming. I mean, look at some of the ranches that celebrities are cozying up in as they move in masses to the Cowboy State. This particular ranch, while gorgeous, doesn't seem to be owned by anyone's favorite celebrity. But, it's definitely worth the trip to check out.

This Jackson Hole ranch has it all, private access to snake river, close to downtown Jackson, and oh, the Tetons are right there! This is all on 233 acres of land! On top of the land and where it's situated, the homestead is absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't imagine what this home would cost on a much smaller lot, but it still has everything you could want.

If you're an outdoorsman, this would be paradise, you can see the wildlife that comes through the ranch and there's plenty of water. Just like the access to Snake River and the pond next to the homestead. I'm pretty sure this would be the perfect place to live and play year-round, especially if you're into outdoor sports.

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It's also a great place just for living and enjoying the surrounding wildlife. They have a great porch and an awesome firepit that pairs with the backdrop of the Tetons. I mean, there's just so much beauty in this one spot that you could see why it costs $35 million.

So, let's go ahead and take a virtual tour of this multimillion-dollar Wyoming home and see what surprises we see inside.

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