Halloween costumes are often an expression of what's inside. So is this website saying we're a myth?

You can feel it in the air! It's almost Halloween, baby. We're been anxiously waiting for this day to arrive so we can put on that Halloween costume (again) and collect our spooky spoils (candy).

What if the state of Wyoming could don a costume as well?

Thrillist.com recently sought to answer this question for each state across America. This was not a list of the most popular or even the best costumes for lazy, last-minute people. They basically took as many cliches and stereotypes as they could find about a state and paired it with a costume that would be described in a similar fashion.

Wyoming is going to that party in the USA as a unicorn.

Some say Wyoming exists only in legend. That it only lives in dreams -- it's a myth, something no human being has ever seen before. But I believe. I'll always believe that Wyoming is out there... somewhere...

Yep, according to Thrillist we are pretty much only real in our dreams.

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