I have both good news and bad news and they're the same thing. A new study has ranked Wyoming as one of the least visited states in the country. The bad news? The exact same thing with a twist.

There are a lot of ways to view Thrillist and their "Least Visited States in America That Deserve a Place on Your Bucket List" article. Other than Alaska, no state in America is visited less than Wyoming. Truth is we're tied with Delaware as the 2nd least visited state with an estimated 9.2 million visitors per year.

While Yellowstone National Park gets all of the press, the article goes on to list Jackson plus Cheyenne Frontier Days as places and events that deserve attention. Laramie also gets noticed, no Casper is not mentioned.

I'm guessing that a majority of Wyomingites feel that being a "least visited place" is a good thing. We like our own space here, right? So, where's the bad news?

The whole gist of the Thrillist article is that Wyoming SHOULD be visited more. They seem to think that we don't get the attention we deserve. Again, you can view this as a compliment or a bad thing that they're encouraging more people to venture out our way.

Overall, it's an interesting read. I would not have guessed that we'd be so high on the not visited list since it feels like we're a prime tourist destination.

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