Yellowstone, America's first national park, is celebrating its sesquicentennial, or in layman's term, its 150th anniversary.

To commemorate the event, they posted a video with ten tips to get you started on your journey to the park this summer.

The official Yellowstone National Park Facebook page shared the informative, near three minute video, along with a caption the read:

On March 1, 150 years ago, Yellowstone became America’s first national park for all to enjoy. Within Yellowstone's 2.2 million acres, visitors have unparalleled opportunities to observe wildlife in an intact ecosystem, explore geothermal areas that contain half the world’s active geysers, and view geologic wonders like the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River. Listen and learn from park rangers by watching this video. Follow the top 10 things to know to enjoy your visit and protect the park today and for the next 150 years!
Read the full release to learn even more about planning a trip to Yellowstone:

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Always remember when traveling to and from Yellowstone National Park to be respectful of other visitors (and tourists), as well as the many different species of wildlife that call the area home.

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