This young boy had a dilemma. His sister had parked her horse next to a fence. Since he's obviously a cowboy, he had a decision to make. To ride or not ride the horse. There is only one correct answer.

Couple things to know about this video before you watch it. First, this is his sister's horse. Second, this horse is completely a very well-behaved elderly family horse and not a wild one. For what it's worth, I think this special cowboy/horse moment happened in Oklahoma.

The video description says this amazingly calm horse is 27 years old. While it's normally his big sister's, this 2-year-old cowboy saw an opportunity and he took it. Can't fault him for trying.

In case you're thinking "wait, that young one shouldn't be thinking about being a cowboy", don't forget we start our cowboys young around here. Remember the story of 2-year-old Marcus Marriott that was already big-time cowboy?

No doubt this situation could have gone wrong if it was an unsupervised young boy trying to mount a less well-mannered horse. As it is though, I'll just say what I often say and that is that the world needs more cowboys.

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