I'm 44-years old and I have a TikTok account.

There are few different reason why. The first and most important reason is because my teenage children do. As a parent, I think any parent that doesn't monitor their children's online presence is worthy of the title "parent", at least not a responsible one. There are so many different predators out there (sexual and otherwise), I like to be able to readily see exactly what my children are doing online at any given moment. This isn't just to make sure that they aren't doing/posting anything inappropriate, but also to protect them from others. I look at like rating system for movies, music and video games. It's as simple as that to me.

The second reason I have one is because why not? I've seen a lot of hate (mostly on Twitter) as of late, of my fellow adults thinking the app is juvenile. What these snooty people fail to realize is there are several different categories and creators. There are literally folks on Twitter of all ages, creating content from music, dancing, sports, cooking and things that I never even thought were possible. All that being said, judgment on what makes you more mature shouldn't be based off what someone thinks... especially on a different social media platform that has the capacity to do the exact same thing!

Listen, at the end of the day, do what makes you happy. If not having a TikTok account makes you feel more like a grown-up, then by all means, don't download the app. Just don't try to suck the fun away from the myriad of other folks that are currently enjoying it.

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By the way, for all that don't have it, you are really missing out on watching (and creating), some awesome Wyoming-based content. Things like social media video sharing apps make it real easy for us to show off that not everything is cowboy hats and riding horses (although if you do it well, most definitely show that off too; we need to solidify that we are in fact the Cowboy State and not Texas). #TeeHee

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