There are a lot of things you can say to us Wyomingites that really grinds our gears, but these are some of the ones we hate the most.

We took to our social media pages to get some opinions from you, but we have a couple of our DJs personal pet peeves on here as well.

1.) Do you still ride horses everywhere / Do you have cars? 

Response: Just shake your head. Verbal response is not needed.

2.) What state is Wyoming in / Is Wyoming really a state?

Response: Direct them to Google.

3.) California is better.

Response: Walk away... or else you might punch them.

4.) Wyoming would be nice if it wasn't so windy.

Response: We deal with it. Our traffic isn't bad.

5.) What part of Colorado is Wyoming in?

Response: Again, walk away. It's not worth the jail time.

6.) Do you have indoor plumbing / electricity?

Response: Have't you seen the pics of my outhouse on Instagram?

7.) Isn't it all cowboys there?

Response: Isn't it all idiots where you live?

8.) How's Yellowstone / Jackson Hole?

Response: Those aren't the only places in the state, ya know.

9.) You must be a Broncos fan.

Response: You must be stupid (which still works even if you are actually a Broncos fan).

10.) Are there any black people and/or other races there?

Response: Again, direct them to Google.

11.) Does everyone carry guns?

Response: I can't speak for everyone, but I do. Flash your weapon and then watch them panic.

12.) Why are there "bleachers" along the highway?

Response: Any outdoor sporting lie you can think of.

Although some of these are funny, these are real things people still say... in 2019!

They say ignorance is bliss. We strongly disagree!

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