Casper and the surrounding area has grown so much in the last decade. There are more schools, restaurants, movie theaters and even the housing areas have expanded far beyond were they were even five years ago. Recently, there has been a Jimmy John's, a hookah lounge and Casper's first (and only) bikini coffee shop which have opened in the past month. That being said, there are still a few key places (in my opinion), that we're missing.

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    Guitar Center

    Although we do have a couple of local music supply stores, they deal mostly in guitars, drums and band equipment. For those of us DJ types, we're forced to order online and/or travel if we want to test out gear before we buy. Guitar Center has it all, with the option to test out gear first, not to mention it's your 1-stop shop for literally all your music gear needs. The closest location to us is in Fort Collins.

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    IMAX Theater

    Having finally had the privilege to witness a movie in the IMAX format, I'm hungry for more, but alas, that requires a trip to Denver. I love to travel, but a four hour drive, gas money and hotel accommodations are a tad expensive just to watch a movie.

    Denis Raev
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    A Club

    Casper has all types of bars (sports bars, country bars, strip bars, etc.), but not one official dance club. Considering the amount of youth, ages 18 to 25, in our lovely neck of the woods, one club, done the right way, should be a no-brainer for any enterprising entrepreneur. Can you say supply and demand?

    Robert Kohlhuber
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    A Toy Store

    Not since KB Toys closed in the mall back around 2008, have we had a large-scale toy store in town. There is one downtown, but for those big, name brand toys that your little ones see the commercials for, if you can't find them at Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Target, you're pretty much out of luck. Well, there is always internet shopping, but it can be a crap shoot sometimes.

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    More Food Options

    This one might be considered nitpicking considering the amount of new and different food options we have, but there could always be more. My vote personally goes to Rally's/Checkers, White Castle and Chick-fil-A... and that's just for starters!

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