Fear can be a good thing or it can be crippling. Our fear can keep us safe. The fear of heights can keep someone safe from falling. Some of our fears are all in our head. People fear the unknown. People fear change. Sometimes it is better to laugh then to lash out in anger. Here are a few phobias that Wyomingites may suffer from.

  • Fear of Yellowstone Blowing Its Caldera


    Volcanophobia is the fear of volcanic eruptions. Yes, Yellowstone is atop a super volcano, but there is no need to wrap your head in aluminum foil.

  • Fear of the Crowds at WalMart

    Volker Kreinacke

    People move to Wyoming to get away from the large crowds of a big city. Agoraphobia is the fear of crowds. Sometime this is also combined with a fear of social embarrassment.

  • Fear of Coloradans Taking All The Good Fishing Holes


    Xenophobia is the fear of foreigners or outsiders. Don’t worry because an out of state fishing license costs $14 a day. That is a win for Wyoming.

  • Fear of Using a Turn Signal


    Turnsignalphobia is a fear of using a turn signal while driving. It is closely related to control issues and a reckless disregard for safety.

  • Fear of Running Out of Ammo

    Chris Tennant, ThinkStock

    This is a fear of being defenseless. Besides if the zombie apocalypse comes, you will need to use a melee weapon because firearms just brings more walkers.

  • Fear of Vegetables

    Viktor Fischer

    If you don't like green beans that is one thing. If you think your green beans are going to eat you, you may be suffering from Lachanophobia a fear of vegetables.