We have all seen the mishaps that happen because of autocorrect. Like when you sent that email marked “impotent” to all your coworkers? For this article, I took it one step further by using both predictive and autocorrect functions on a smart phone.

I started by taking a list of cities in Wyoming and typing them into my iPhone. Sometimes I would only type the first 4-5 letters and pick the “best” choice. Other times I would type the full city name and see what the phone chooses. These are the results.

Moorcroft = more tofu

Meeteetse = Meet retardation

Cheyenne = Cheaters

Casper = Caskets

Laramie = Karaoke

Sheridan = Sheriff

Cody = Cost

Gillette = Gullet

Pinedale = Pined all

Worland = Workaholics

Torrington = Torrential

Dubois = Dubious

Afton = Acting

Thayne = That explains

Kemmerer = Lemmings

Guernsey = Hurricanes

Chugwater = Chives

Wamsutter = Wan sitter

Rawlins = Ramekins

Thermopolis = Thermoplastic

Bairoil = Baiting

Bill = Bill