Wyoming wildlife is beautiful, but you always have to remember to respect them, usually from a safe distance.

A Teton Valley, Idaho woman named Julie, who uses the Instagram screen name @mountainpooper (which is awesome), posted a photo of herself pulled over on a bike lane on a road in Yellowstone National Park as a herd of bison crossed her path.

Julie posted the following message along with the awesome photo:

Biking in Yellowstone before the road opens to cars is a special way to experience the Park. It’s pretty chaotic during the summer months with all of the tour busses & traffic jams on the road. But be warned. If you go be ready to wait (from a distance) for the bison to go wherever they want and always bring your bear spray. #YOLOstone

It was a beautiful photo, which probably also means it was an equally beautiful experiencel. We're just thankful she was intelligent enough to admire from a safe distance. We can tell it obviously wasn't her fist time.

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