The Casper Police Department recently released a short and informative video about the importance of keeping your pets on a leash.

The Casper Police Department encourages all pet owners to take measures to protect themselves, their pets and others.

Casper Police Department Animal Protection Officers work in partnership with Metro Animal Shelter to serve animals in Casper. Together, we strive to protect and serve the entire community of Casper, whether they have two or four legs.

The updated City of Casper Animal Care and Control Ordinance offers ways to protect your pets.

When at home, if you choose to have your pet outside and you are not providing direct supervision, make sure they are guarded against wandering too far by having a secure, enclosed fence. The ordinance also says pets can be unsupervised tethered to a secure structure if you don’t have a fence within ordinance guidelines.

When out in public, enjoying our many parks and outdoor amenities in Casper, the ordinance requires pets to be leashed. This is in an effort to protect you, your pet, other pet owners and their pets as well.

“Think about it this way,” said Clyde Daniels, Animal Protection Officer, “leashes protect both the dog and the dog owner from unexpected accidents. And let’s face it, you may have your dog under control, but are you 100% confident that the person walking towards you with dogs off-leash has his or her dogs under control? By requiring all pets to be on leashes, we are doing our best to protect everyone.”

The City of Casper offers multiple public spaces where pets are encouraged to be off the leash. Those locations are Lake McKenzie Dog Park and Morad Park. There are also fenced dog parks within the city, such as the enclosed area by Tate Pump House.

Casper City Council also recently approved plans for a new dog park in East Casper.

“The Casper Police Department and our Animal Protection Officers love animals,” said Rebekah Ladd, Public Information Officer. “For us, love looks like protection. We want to protect all humans and animals in this community. One way for us to do that is to ask that everyone play by the same rules.”

Consider these reasons to use a leash:

  • They help prevent your dog from chasing after cars, bikes, people and other animals.
  • It’s courteous to others, especially if they don’t know your dog personally.
  • A single lost dog is one too many.
  • Most dogs don’t mind leashes, in fact, most like them when used properly.
  • Leashes help protect your dog from potential dangers in the environment.
  • A leash could save your dog’s life.

Aside from leashing, the ordinance also protects animals within the City of Casper from being treated cruelly, such as being beaten, starved, or not provided proper sanitary shelter. The ordinance goes on to protect animals from being left in hot cars, being used in fights or being denied necessary veterinary care.

Subsequently, the ordinance allows Animal Protection Officers to provide assistance to animals that are considered at-large, dangerous or vicious. When these animals are taken into our care, every effort will be made to find the owner of the animal.

Lastly, the Animal Care and Control Ordinance requires all pet owners to pick up their pet’s waste. This requirement is in place for the purpose of overall community health and wellness.

The Casper Police Department is committed to the safety of our furry friends. We encourage the community to partner with us to keep all of our residents – human or not – safe, healthy, and happy.

To view the full Animal Ordinance and to learn more about our animal protection services, please visit

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