The COVID-19 pandemic has canceled so many events and ceremonies already this year. National Police Week is yet another event that has been shut down around the country.

The Casper Police Department is asking for our support to celebrate this holiday by sharing their latest Facebook post which reads:

We had so many fun plans for National Police Week this year, but just like the rest of our community - our plans were cancelled.

So for now, please help us celebrate

💙 NATIONAL POLICE WEEK 2020 💙 share this post to show your support for your Casper men and women in blue or comment below to say thanks. Your support means THE WHOLE WORLD 🌍 to us. After all, our goal every day is to make your day better, to be there for you when you need us and ultimately, keep you safe. We love ya, Casper. Thank you for supporting us.

#BetterTogether #WeLoveCasper

Even with everything going on locally with the coronavirus, we still salute all of our local men and women in blue. Thank you for everything you continually do to keep our community safe.

Click here for more information about National Police Week.

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