A recent post on the Casper Police Department Facebook page is a comical delight!

It reads:

Another helpful hint from the Casper Police Department Traffic Unit:

While driving you are required to possess a valid driver's license from Wyoming or another state. When asked for your driver's license by a law enforcement officer please be able to provide it.

Occasionally people are uncertain what form of ID to provide an officer as proof they are a properly licensed driver. Some examples of what NOT to hand the officer:

Your Marijuana Card from Colorado
Your Wyoming State Penetentiary Inmate ID
A Copy of Your Last Traffic Ticket
A Stolen Credit Card
An ID in Someone Elses Name

These are unacceptable for the purpose of identifying you as a licensed driver. They may also lead to an opportunity to visit furher with the nice officer.

Whereas we surely got a kick out of the hilariousness of someone actually doing this to a uniformed officer, if the PD mentioned it, it's a safe bet it has happened at least once before.

This was not an isolated incident of funny by our boys in blue either. Apparently these hilarious "helpful hints from the Casper Police Department Traffic Unit" are becoming a monthly occurrence. We can't wait to see what comes next!

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