According to the Natrona County Sheriffs website, Casper has 306 registered sex offenders living in our community.  But do you know how many live in your neighborhood?

As a resident of Natrona County it's your right to know the names and likenesses of know sex offenders living in your area. However many people might be shocked to know the actual number of offenders living near them or to the actual proximity to known offenders to their work or residence.

I did a quick search and was surprised to find that there are 6 registered sex offenders living within a half mile of my home.  Even more shocking was to discover that there are 39 sex offenders with no known current address (transients), in addition I also discovered that there is one sex offender that lives only 2 blocks away from the school in my neighborhood.

Convicted sex offenders are required by law to register with local authorities and maintain current home and work / volunteer addresses.  The Natrona County Sheriffs website has a searchable database that will allow you to quickly search for sex offenders in your area both home and at work.

You can search the database by address, city, online name or email address as well as by phone number.

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